The JOY of Voice Acting

July 10, 2023 08:30 AM By Paul Boucher

Have you ever witnessed a friend or acquaintance participating in a conversation but suddenly COMING ALIVE when the conversation landed on a passion of theirs?

Their eyes light up! They become more animated with their physical and verbal expression and can tell a story that transports the others in the circle.

Now imagine someone who, for various reasons, can reproduce that passion when discussing just about ANY subject.

Welcome to my joy as a voice actor. 😀

Most voice actors regularly working with long-form narration like eLearning are habitual readers of almost anything! Don't be surprised to find they have a subscription to The Economist and ACTUALLY READ it every week from cover to cover, along with books, articles, etc., on various subjects.

In e-learning, a skilled voice actor capitalizes on that life experience. He fuses that curiosity and new knowledge into a narration that brings educational content to life with fresh, focused energy, enhancing its engagement and effectiveness for learners.

Furthermore, a skilled voice actor can enhance the clarity and understanding of complex concepts. That freshly acquired, clear-eyed vision helps them articulate information clearly and effectively, using appropriate pacing and intonation. This allows learners to grasp complex topics, follow instructions, and retain information more effectively.

Like a traditional teacher, an e-learning voice actor acts as a guide and facilitator of knowledge. I take that portion of the job seriously. My father was a machinist who became a gifted teacher. My mother was a librarian who illuminated the world for children by reading to them during storytime. I love the idea that I'm continuing their work. 

In summary, the role of a voice actor invested with curiosity in the topic at hand in e-learning is essential. When deciding on a voice actor for a course, notably a series of lessons, ask about their prior knowledge. Also, ask how they plan to acquire any knowledge required to put your content across with the passion needed to lift the words off the page and into learners' minds.

The collaboration between you as the writer/creator and the voice actor will be richer and more productive for you, the actor, and ultimately the learner and the client they work for.