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When you have complex ideas and concepts to communicate, the challenge of delivering them is real. I can help in unaccented Canadian French, American Standard and Canadian English. Funny thing: I didn’t name the company; my clients did. By saying repeatedly that I was The Right Voice for their projects, The Right Voice Communications Inc. was born. For over 20 years, my warm (like buttah!), confident voice has helped audiences connect to customers’ ideas in commercials, eLearning, movie trailers, documentaries and more.

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Think You've Heard Me Before? Probably!
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I’d be happy to introduce the sort of experience that only a professional voice actor can provide to your projects.

Phone: (403) 289-1600

8am to 5pm Mountain Time (UTC-7)

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Sam/Ashley - (503) 892-8833 (Portland, OR)

Go Voices

Josh/Laura - (303) 623-2723 (Denver, CO)

Jason Marks Talent Management - Promos or Trailers

Chase - (212) 789-8966 (New York, NY)

Dave/Maggie - (323) 936-6040 (Los Angeles, CA)