Moments of Truth In Your Biz

September 24, 2023 08:30 AM By Paul Boucher

    This week’s thoughts for the voiceover business were prompted by… Apple’s iOS 17 and Watch OS 10 Updates. You may be thinking… the boy’s lost his marbles. One too many gadgets!


    So first, let me quickly clarify what I mean by moment of truth.


    Every time you interact with a client is a moment of truth for your relationship with that client, and for your business. It can be positive, negative, or maybe worst of all, leave NO impression.


    Now back to Apple. Both the iPhone and the Apple watch are mature products. Millions of us have been using one iteration or another of both products since they came out.


    Any time Apple does anything to change our devices – via updates in particular - is a moment of truth for Apple. In past years, these have become so routine, that yeah, some of them are positive, some are negative, and some leave you with a big “meh” of an impression.


    This week’s operating system update for both devices was game changing. There were a LOT of new features, some of which completely change the way we’ll use the devices, in whole or in part, going forward.


    The features though aren’t the big thing. It’s what the features accomplished that makes the updates a big deal.


    They renewed and rejuvenated our relationship with something familiar in a way that made them feel like new toys all over again.


    That feeling of these devices almost being magical was refreshed.


    Do you see where I might be going here?


    This particular moment of truth for Apple will deepen the loyalty that Apple fanfolk feel for the brand and their devices. They satisfied a wish list an arm’s length long from their users. They also did one of the things that Apple does best, they’ve anticipated the potential of the devices in ways we hadn’t thought of yet despite these things having been around forever.


    Now – think about your business. YOUR touch points with clients. Not EVERY single instance can be that momentous, BUT this kind of change is a terrific opportunity for us to think about ways we could re-excite our clients about our services, our craft, our attention to detail, our sincere investment in the best possible outcome for their projects, while making sure we’re still doing all the things a successful business does.


    These changes to our devices are more than cosmetic. In some cases, they’re fundamental changes in the way we use our devices – and for the better.


    When was the last time you did something in your client relationships that left a client with that sort of impression?


    What offer can you make that might do that? What change in the way you approach your every day could result in an impact that makes a client actually pause and say “Whoa! That’s impressive!”


    Think about that. We’re headed into a seasonal upswing in voiceover work in pretty much every domain. Think about ways that you could create a special moment of truth that does everything that these system updates did for Apple devices: Deepen loyalty, make it seem magical again, give them a reason NOT to think about any other option. Good luck!