Communicating complex ideas and concepts can be challenging. That’s where my skill as a professional voice actor comes in. With expertise in American Standard and Canadian English, as well as unaccented Canadian French, I can help you expertly convey your message and ensure it is understood by your audience. I’m Paul Boucher, and you can reach out to me as easily as clicking the button below.

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25+ Years of Experience

I specialize in delivering professional and engaging voiceovers for eLearning courses, and I have since 1997 (for Office 97, as it happens). I provide high-quality recordings from my professionally constructed home studio that capture the nuances of instructional scripts. Browse my various portfolios of domain-specific eLearning samples and order up your narration. 

I’ve also been happily immersing myself in commercials, promos, stories and learning for clients worldwide every day full-time since 1999. Among the many highlights, are projects describing carbon-free/emission free concrete for the future, assembling and disassembling engines for NASA, train rides for Harry Potter and Discovery Channel, museum exhibits, true crime series, documentaries for Natural Parks, trailers, promos, and commercials for Disney (Marvel, Star Wars, among others), welcoming new immigrants to Canada via the citizenship exam (for the federal government), and almost anything else under the sun you can think of from farming practices, to gastric surgery.

Trust is one of the most important factors in any business relationship. Many of my client relationships date back to before the year 2000, and once new clients have experienced the friction-free and hassle-free experience of working with me, they come back repeatedly. In some cases, they’ve even “adopted me” as a team member, and have invited me on team retreats!

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The Right Voice Provides a Blend of Craft and Commerce

You Bring Value to Your Clients. I Express That Value

Long and varied experience, and industry/studio best practices mean large projects with many files get handled easily, professionally and on time.

Paperwork, ranging from international payments, to contracts are handled quickly and flawlessly. I’ve helped many grateful clients cross a LOT of “t’s” and dot a LOT of “i’s” over the years.

Craft derived from decades of daily experience is expressed with the immediacy and freshness of “today” thanks to ongoing professional development with the best facilitators in the world.

By bringing a voracious reader and lifelong learner’s curiosity to bear on your material and communicating every nuance of complex vocabulary and ideas.

I’m human. I make mistakes, but those are always fixed free. Guaranteed. I make sure you and your client are satisfied before declaring “We’re done here.”

Once you’ve selected me, the first thing to note is that I understand it’s a privilege. I execute projects for clients worldwide, with fun and passion in unaccented English and French. 
(I’m used to working across time zones!)
I’m punctual, and take direction with aplomb – that’s a part of the whole professional voice actor thing, and it also helps being a bit of tech geek, because I make it easy for you to collaborate and direct via pretty much any means.

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I’d be happy to introduce the sort of experience that only a professional voice actor can provide to your projects.


Phone: (403) 289-1600

8am to 5pm Mountain Time (UTC-7)

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